What if we consume EGG?


Eggs! The most preferred food by humans especially, hen eggs. Also, few people would like to take Omega-3-enriched eggs. What if we consume eggs? For years, people have a belief that Egg yolks are not advisable to heart patients as they contain fat. Many people argued whether the egg is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian food.

But, why after these many debates, beliefs & controversies, people love eggs?

In simple words, there are mainly two reasons behind this.

  1. The egg is a simple food from which we can attain n number of nutrition.
  2. Compared to all the other dishes, egg is the only food that you can cook in minutes in the form of many recipes, as they are versatile. One can even consume the egg without cooking. Always, we people prefer easy chores with the best results. And fortunately, eggs can do that.

Now, why this egg is the most nutritious food on the Earth? Does our Earth have any other food full of nutrition? And the answer is Yes! We have some. But still, the egg is the only food which is made up of a single cell that has the ability to produce a complete chicken or any other bird and now you understand how much nutrition it must hold to give birth.

Amount of Consumption matters!

When we ask, why people give importance to Egg whites and yolks are not even considered. Within seconds, one would say, “Egg yolks are full of fat and it will increase my weight”. I don’t know who made people believe this saying. If someone tells us, “No, you should not eat this. It will gain more muscles in your body”. Suddenly, without any question, we will see that food as a curse, and try to stop consuming it if we are not that much fond of it. But what if we really like it? That is the other scenario. In this case, we would say, “It’s ok. I always love this food”.

In both cases, we never try to find out the reason behind that saying as we are busy with our machine life.

In general, Egg whites are good for both healthy & unhealthy humans. Nevertheless, we should not separate the health benefits of the egg as egg white & egg yolk. The entire egg contains almost all the nutrition & calories our body needs. But what matters here is the amount of consumption. Yes! One can eat three eggs per day without any anxiety.

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Health Benefits of Egg

Coming to the health benefits, Egg white is rich in protein & the egg yolk has cholesterol. When the food cholesterol comes, some people feel like, “Oh, No! Cholesterol is bad for health”. Here, your perception is wrong. According to scientists, Cholesterol plays a significant role in humans as it is a structural molecule that your cell membrane requires. The yolks contain HDL(High-Density Lipoprotein), which is good cholesterol when compared to LDL, the bad cholesterol. The egg yolk has this HDL a lot. HDL is one of the supreme components in reducing cardiovascular diseases. In most cases, egg consumption increases HDL and the LDL remains constant except on some rare occasions, where the LDL varies slightly. And also, if you worry about this LDL, you can adhere to three eggs per day and not more than that.

Do you know?

Our liver produces cholesterol for our body needs and if you consume cholesterol through food, the liver adjusts its mechanism and produces less cholesterol. That’s why the human body is amazing.

Other than Protein and Cholesterol, eggs can even improve your vision with the help of antioxidants. Egg aids in weight loss as eating eggs make you feel that your tummy is full.

COVID-19 and Eggs

Eggs play a vital role in reducing the risk of COVID-19. In addition to other components like garlic and pepper, eggs also boost your immune system, as it contains sulfated glycopeptides. These glycopeptides trigger the cells to protect the body from infections and diseases. And now, you can have high immunity with a lower risk of corona virus infection.

Now, why the egg is a vegetarian food?

Technically, people who eat animal flesh are non-vegetarian but the egg doesn’t contain animal flesh or muscle tissues. It includes only reproductive tissues. And so, a vegetarian can eat eggs, but a vegan should not. According to the vegan concept, not only animal flesh but also the products obtained from animals should not be consumed.

Bottom Line

On the whole, eggs are one of the most loved foods, no matter egg white or egg yolks. Also, hen eggs are associated with many cooking dishes and baking foods. If you are a foodie with some health-conscious, certainly eggs are the best choice for you.

Beauty Tip of the day!

To improve the softness of your skin, mix some holy basil leaves with turmeric powder. Grind it into a fine paste and apply it on your face or other parts of the body!


Author: AK Suganya Dinesh

A suave, ambivert soul, Coffee Addict, mother of a child, an Engineering graduate & a passionate writer. A human who never want to give up on her goals and desires, No matter what! A soul which won't accept compromises towards her passion instead hope and try for the best.

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