Are Women really celebrating Women’s Day?


A woman can never celebrate Women’s Day until you
Understand her feelings,
Embrace her as she is,
Appreciate her triumph,
Let her pursue her passion,
Support her goals,
Respect her confidence,
Give her freedom,
Help her with chores,
Wipe her tears,
Acknowledge her efforts,
Admire her self-respect,
Love her unconditionally!

To all men and especially to women, try not to impose patriarchal boundaries on her, which you followed for years…
Let her live with serenity which she deserves the leas


Hesitant to speak in English?

Are you a person who is hesitant to speak in English? If you want to improve your communication in English, then just start doing the following things as your daily routine and you will become a pro in English both in fluency and in the vocabularies you use.


Reading Books

Reading is the best habit one can have in lifetime, as reading not only improves your communication but will also make you a brainy one day. Unless you read more, you won’t get more knowledge on any field.

If you are not a person who likes reading, then do not jump into reading leader’s biographies in the first. This will worsen the scenario. Instead, just start with mystery novels or comic books in simple english. This can increase your reading practice. With the interesting twists they have, you will always want to finish the book.



Ensure that you are choosing a book not more than 100 pages in the beginning, this will help you to complete the book. Otherwise, we know what we used to do. (Just put the book in bookshelf as a decorative piece)

Listen more

Start watching english movies, TED talks, listen to audio books, and other Talk shows from today itself. Initially it will be boring for sure. But do not withdraw. If you feel very boring, just switch to fantasy or animated movies where you can see colorful scenes which might interest you. Also, try to speak in the similar accent of the movie you loved. This could help you learn English better with passion.

Speak more

Once I say speak, you people might think to whom we can speak during this lockdown. The first person who will listen to your speak is you. Yes! Start speaking by seeing your face in the mirror. This can help you to reduce your anxiety while speaking at a stage. Because you will get to know your body language and the way you speak.

Also, you can talk in many online clubs which are exclusively for speaking English. Download one of those apps and start speaking, no matter either it is wrong or right.

Use new words daily

If you have come across a new vocabulary or a phrase while watching or reading, just try to jot down those in a notepad and learn the meaning of it afterwards. Try to use that new word often while you are speaking. This will allow your brain not to forget that word. Also, you can easily speak relentlessly without searching for words.

Bottom Line

Nothing is impossible when you trust the process. So, start doing what you like from today itself and plan accordingly to reach your destination.

I suggest you the following books which can help beginners to learn English faster but in an interesting way.


Things you should know for a Long Lasting Happy Relationship

Are you a couple who wants to engage in a relationship for lifetime? If yes, I can tell you the most important things which you should know to hold the hands of your partner until eternity.

Whenever I say “Relationship“, people used to tell me, “Oh, No! It is complicated”. But a relationship is very easy when compared to all other bonds. The key ingredient is “Love“. If this love is not expressed in a right way, then the warning alarm will start ringing.


Here, I suggest some tips with which you can improve your bond and also learn to fulfill your partner’s expectations.

1. Communication matters!

Communication is the best way to know each other. Feel free to talk more like a best friend. This will help your partner to understand your feelings and character. While talking, have effective communication (not only simple chit-chat, but also about your goals and future plans).

2. Be Honest

Whenever you try to convey something to your partner either it may be a secret or some daily activities, be honest with your words. Don’t try to hide anything as this may break the trust he/she has in you when your partner finds out. Moreover, this will lead to suspection even when you speak the truth in future.

3. Humor works

Believe me! Humor is one of the interesting things which can help you to build your relationship stronger. You will soon become more like friends if you have sense of humor. Make your partner laugh when he/she is upset. Try to console them by some jokes more than boring advices. This helps a lot

4. Make him/her feel special

When it comes to relationship, priority is the greater issue. Give your husband/wife the more priority than parents or children. This is because you have the freedom to choose your partner but not other family members. And so, you have to earn his/her trust to prove that you are the right choice.

Also, if you are newly married, then you should start discuss with your husband/wife too before taking any decision in your family. This will make them feel special and your bond will become robust.

5. Physical contact

Intimacy and privacy are major concerns. Physical contact doesn’t always mean having sex, but also holding hands, cuddling and kissing will also develop your love and intimacy.

In addition, try to spend some private time which can help you to talk about anything without hesitation. This will make your partner feel free and secure when you are around.

6. Grow Together

Ask your partner’s interests and ambitions. Motivate him/her to reach the goal. With this, you both can grow together. Additionally, this can give you space for self improvement in many aspects.

7. Quality Time

Always ensure that you talk to your partner atleast once a day even if you have busy work schedule. Your partner always wants some quality time to spend with you. And if you are not giving your time, there might be a chance to feel that he/she is not in your priority list. This could make your partner gets disappointed at times. And if this continues often, your relationship will start getting faded.

8. Learn to forgive

Humans are immune to mistakes. Your better half is not an exception. Learn to forgive your spouse when he/she is apologizing for the mistakes they have done. Do not hold any grudge or egoistic attitude, as this will ruin your relationship one day.

9. Tell what you want

Just tell your better half what you expect from him/her. Do not think that your partner should find out what your mind going through. Just think once, is he/she a psychologist to read your mind? If you expect this, you will probably get disappointed. So, tell your partner about your wishes or desires so that your spouse can fulfill it easily.

10. Listen before you speak

Whenever there is a conversation between you and your spouse, make sure that you are listening to your partner’s words totally with patience. Instead, if you interpret in between, this will worsen the scenario. And then, the conversation becomes argument.

Bottom Line

One can try all these ways to make your relationship stronger. Nevertheless, as I already said, the main ingredient is Love. Love your partner wholeheartedly and accept the flaws they have. If you start doing this, you will not break up or hate each other no matter whatever the circumstance or the issue is!

One of the best love stories which I ever read.

Hair Care Tip of the Day!

To lessen the hair loss and for hair nourishment,
Take egg white in a bowl and pour some drops of lemon juice into it. Mix it well. Apply it on your scalp and let them set for half an hour. Now, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
The Book which explains the difference of men and women in a fun and interesting way.