Hi dudes! This blog is all about the stories of different incidents & challenges we faced in our life daily. Yet however we argue, some things can’t be changed. Nobody has answers for those. We have to accept the life in the way it is! Okay,okay! I think am boring with philosophical talks. Let me come to the point. Here, I gonna share my experiences & thoughts & creativity to you people who are always there throughout my life. I will post atleast two stories for a week which will touch your hearts I hope.

Okay! Who is this “I”? Some of you may know who am I. But for those who don’t know let me Introduce myself. I am Suganya Kannan, an Engineering graduate, who is fond of reading books & people. Yet the first thing I can do well, when compared to the second, because as you all know reading people’s mind is not as much ease. Human mind changes often. So we can’t predict anyone as this is he/she. But some stories & the characters in those can tell you for what are all the things we don’t have answers & for what reasons humans change & what are all the ways to tackle those. That’s why Books are called as Best Friends. It can teach you and encourage you to rise your maturity towards people & how to accept everything as it is! I will share some of those kind of stories here. I hope, those will be interesting and useful for life, it may be boring sometimes too. If is it so, forget my flaws.

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The Day starts here with A perfect story and a cup of coffee