The Love Of Life

 Author : Preethika Balasubramani

It was almost midnight twelve Jenny was still awoke in her room all alone. Her home was fairly a single room. She was thinking of her abroad higher education…. suddenly faded and then of her love which was already half gone (a twelve year relationship with her childhood friend who was her lover Justin). She felt ever thing was gone yesterday..

Justin told ,” When you went to abroad you may busy with studies, meet new people. I too wanna move on…”  She was perfectly clear in mind, “I can’t hold on people who wanna move on”. She literally bid good bye… May be it is their last meet!

But Jenny is not pitch clear in her conclusions . Even she confused with her love. She was brought up in an orphanage where she completed her studies. And moved on get a job ( in a private company teaching music classes to children). Her flight was tomorrow.

On next fine morning… She was packing things for abroad. Her phone was ringing. It blinked unknown number. It was from her orphanage. An old female, fairly 50 spoke that the maid who brought her up was sick. While hearing this, a flash of childhood stroke his memories…

In orphanage, she saw the lady who was facing death nearby. She hold her hand, Kissed her forehead. The lady closed her eyes in silence.With the same silence she went out. Suddenly she felt some softness.

A little hand hold her index finger. It was a little baby with very big eyes. She was  a girl.  Jenny get back her conscious that A lady aged fifty was carrying her. She told it was given to orphanage by some poor people.

Jenny felt of her childhood. She don’t want another baby girl who was confused to take conclusions between love and life…. She brought her in her arms. The baby was looking deep in her eyes. Jenny told with drops rolling out her chin, ” I may not found true love. But I know how to give true love!”

For your reference, this is the story written by my friend Preethika Balasubramani, a biomedical engineer working in her core company.

The moral which I wanna insist you all is, “Yes! Love is not only a relationship between a boy and a girl! Here, the love between Jenny and the girl is the bond between a mother and a child eventhough Jenny is not her mother. Love is pure and unconditional. It is not based on any criterias such as gender, rich, poor, younger, older, caste, religion, etc. It is pure and flawless. So, don’t restrict it only to a boy and a girl!”


Author: AK Suganya Dinesh

A suave, ambivert soul, Coffee Addict, mother of a child, an Engineering graduate & a passionate writer. A human who never want to give up on her goals and desires, No matter what! A soul which won't accept compromises towards her passion instead hope and try for the best.

25 thoughts on “The Love Of Life”

  1. This is your first move for story writing.. Congratulations sis… Really nice. The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.this is life Keep ur writing

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    1. Thank you na..keep supporting like this always.. follow our blog to get updated info. & share as much as possible


  2. Super dear… Keep on going on writing these type of stories…. The way u describe the story is real good… All the best for all your future stories… And I expecting more stories from you…. 😍😘

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  3. As one of my readers asked to post love failure stories, here we have posted a story based on that. Hope it will help you to relieve from the pain.


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