Break Up! – (Not in Love but in Friendship)

Author : Suganya Kannan

It was a fine morning in the Spring season…

The Sunrise and the Morning Dew

The mountains were covered with mists and the terrace of every home in that village was as chill as ice cubes. Birds woke up and started to sing their Hymn. (Crows craw… craw…, Cuckoos cuckoo.. cuckoo..) The trees were so green and leaves were left with some water droplets as there was a rain the previous day. The roads were spotless and the streets were serene except the sounds of birds and animals. No human was found in the street as it was so chill.

On a corner of the main street, there was a tea shop opened. As per Indian regulations, men only seem to be sitting in the tea shop either to taste the tea or to read the newspapers. So, there was no woman there. Some people who were ready to go for work, were waiting for the bus in the bus stop. Sita came to normal from her travelling dreamy mood to the real world. Yes! It was my stop! she told the conductor. Sita was a girl aged 25 working in a Public sector for two years. She was not so fair not so dark (A medium Indian color girl) with her white Churidhar consisted of golden borders. Her hair was pitch black color which was exactly contrast to the color of her churidhar. It was tied with a single dark green color Clip. With a spot-sized black bindi upon which a pinch size kum-kum laid on her forehead, she looked gorgeous. Her eyebrows were broad and thick as it was no need to draw any eyebrow pencils. Her eyes which were rotating 360 degree to search, it could even tell a poem. She added extra beauty to her eyes with a thin eyeliner which can make her confidence level to stay strong in the society as it can make her eyes sharper than before, which could help her to avoid herself from some bad people, because with those beautiful and sharp eyes, she looked like a woman who can fire them without any other weapon. For your kind information, this is the reason why most of the independent girls choose eye liner when they go to any public places. In the hand, two to three silver bangles and a Fastrack watch were placed, her long and beautiful nails were polished with a mild orange color nail polish. She took her cream colored bag and a trolley which was dark grey in color and stepped out from the bus within a minute. When her feet (not her feet exactly, only her sandals) touched the road, She felt something which insisted her that it was a place which was so familiar to her or it was the village where she supposed to live. With that affirmative thought, she took her luggage and went to the tea shop. The climate was so chill and she was in need of something warm to make herself and her metabolism to be active. She preferred tea and it just went inside her taste buds within a minute. But the taste and the wetness of the tea reminded in her tongue and lips for at least half an hour in her mouth. She felt little bit active then to take her luggage faster. While entering into the street, she could see long coconut trees and some shrubs and plants in front of every home in the village. Some birds were singing and some cats and dogs were roaming in the street. From every home, ladies came out with some water in the bucket and cleaned their front porch of the house. Some of the ladies were busy with their kolam designs to complete as quick as possible. Sita took her mobile phone to capture these admirable things happening there. As her mobile phone had 20 MP camera, it captured the picture vibrant and brighter.

street setup
A street in the village – Morning Scenario

A lady aged approximately 50 watched Sita like she had never seen her before. Who are you? Is there any relatives of you staying in this village? For what purpose have you come here?” She added many questions. Sita quietly started replying one by one. “Maa… I am Sita working as a government employee in the nearby town. I have no relatives in this village yet. I came to stay here for some days regarding my work”, she said. Her answer was half right and half wrong. Yes! She was a government employee, who came to the village to stay for some days not regarding her job, but to attend a marriage. She didn’t say anything regarding that to the lady because she didn’t want to explain her issues to a stranger.

Sita took her baggage and continued her walk. While walking, some memories of her best friend came into her mind. Tears started rolling down from her eyes without even asking permission from her. She wiped those with the hankie and at last found the home, for which she already paid rent, near Lord Krishna’s Temple.

It was a small house but traditional with some flowerpots and hanging baskets. While entering into the hall, she could hear the chirping sound of Sparrows from one corner of the house. There was a nest upon a shelf in the wall, where a Sparrow’s family was living. Once Sita switched on the light, the sparrows started to fly from there and reached their nest only in the evening. From that day, Sita wouldn’t switch on the lights of that lobby. She could remember her best friend whenever she saw that nest. It was because once her friend shared that he had experienced the same thing in his house.

Sita unpacked all her things in the trolley and made the house looked like a place where anyone can get the peace and bliss. As we all know, villages always have neighbors with friendly approach when compared to urban areas, Sita too had a neighbor. Her neighbor’s family was a nuclear family which consists four members. A father, a mother and their son & daughter who were children with the age of 10 and 12. “Hi! Is there anyone in the home?” a sound came from the door side. “Yes! I’m here.” Sita moved to the door and replied. “You are Sita. Right? I am Rupa and I’m your neighbor. Your house owner told me that you are an independent girl working for the government and gonna stay here for some days. If you need any help, you can call me at any time”, told Rupa. Rupa is the same neighbor which I already mentioned. She was a house wife aged 35 approximately. As Sita was new to that village, Rupa used to help Sita in all aspects from that day. They became friends in a short span as Friendship is beyond the boundaries of age.

One fine Saturday evening, they both went for a walk to the Temple nearby. On the way, fortunately, Sita came to see the house of her best friend. She searched for the photo of that house sent by her best friend in her mobile gallery. Yes! It was there. Her brain confirmed that it was the same house. But she reacted like she didn’t know anything about the house and asked Rupa, “Whose house is this? And why it seems decorative? Is there any function gonna happen here?” Rupa stated, This was the house of a joint family living within the same compound but separate houses. Next week, there will be a marriage of their son, whose marriage is the last marriage of that generation. So, it seems so decorative. On hearing this, Sita felt utmost happiness. So, she smiled a little without showing her teeth. Rupa asked, “What are you thinking? And why are smiling now without any reason?” Sita told, Nothing!and started her walk. They reached the temple and while returning to home, Rupa’s husband came there and asked his wife to pick up their children from school as he had some other work. Rupa nodded her head and moved from there to the school. Sita bid a Bye sign to Rupa and continued her gait.

While she was near to reach her home, she could able to see a Bike which was familiar to her and she could recognize the number plate too. Then she moved her eyes up and it was her friend. Her happiness couldn’t be explained in words. She felt like she has achieved a long time goal. Her face with full of excitements and confusions, she waved her hand and opened her mouth, “Ram! Ram!” her voice shouted. But there happened an incident, something which she never expected. Ram didn’t even bid a reply instead he nodded his head and moved from there. Sita felt like her soul was taken by God for seconds. Yup! She felt the utmost happiness when she saw him but within seconds she had to face the utmost pain she ever had in her life. She felt like she had died already. While walking on the road, that ignoring moment by Ram came to her eyes many times. She didn’t even respond to anybody in the road and moved like a Robot with no feelings with the same shock which she couldn’t tolerate for hours.

After reaching the home, she went to the bed and wet her pillow as every girl does when they feel any agony. But she also tried to recollect the other things which happened in the road that time. She murmured to herself, “Yes! It is his relative. May be that is the reason!” She consoled herself by thinking that Ram avoided her only because of his relative who was there.

It was Sunday evening… The sun is about to set. The Sparrows reached the nest of her house. Sita came to the terrace of her house and watered some plants placed there. While pouring water, she felt some emptiness in her mind because it was going to be the last night for her in that village. Then, her mind accepted the reality and she went to prepare food for her dinner. She prepared some noodles which could fill her stomach a little but could make her tongue feel the spicy chilly taste for hours. Sita was a very good cook. She could prepare every food tastier and somewhat different from other’s cooking methodologies. Even the noodles tasted like a delicious dinner. With that taste left in her tongue, she moved to the bed and set an alarm for 4 O’ clock. Within minutes, she felt asleep.

Ring, Ring! Ring, Ring!”, the alarm sounded. Sita couldn’t hear it. After 10 minutes, she woke up and her eyes didn’t come back from the drowsiness. She again had a nap for 10 minutes. It was 5 a.m.. Sita with her elegant Pink Lehenga looked like a Princess. She had taken oil bath and her hair was so smooth and silky as it could grab every one’s attention. She didn’t apply any creams or any other cosmetics in her face except the eyeliner and a dot sized black Bindi. She tied her hair with a black hair clip and fitted her feet into a pair of golden-colored sandals. She was simple but elegant with her attire. “Sita! Where are you?”, Rupa sounded. I’m here and I have to go to a marriage today”, Sita replied. On hearing this, Rupa got surprised and told that she is also getting ready for a marriage and she added, “It was the marriage of that Joint family’s son which I already told you.” Sita smiled a little and bid a bye to Rupa.

It was 7.00 a.m. Sita was entering the marriage hall. It was the same marriage which was told by Rupa. The banner was with the words “Ram weds Meera”.  Sita felt a pleasant joy, no excitements, no griefs, but with peace and complete happiness. When entered the hall, everyone saw her with a suspect look, because Sita was not invited by anyone there. Bride’s family thought that she was groom’s relation. In the similar way, Bride groom’s family thought that she was bride’s relation or friend. Sita entered near the stage. She could see Ram’s mother and father. They were very happy because it was their son’s marriage. On seeing their faces, Sita felt like she has achieved something she wanted to happen for years. Within minutes, the bride and the groom were called by the typical Tamil Prohidhar (In foreign culture, there won’t be Prohidhars but instead you may have fathers in the church) as it was the time to tie the knot. The bride was really elegant with her maroon colored silk saree and with all the jewels and accessories, she looked beautiful. The bride groom was with white silk shirt and dhoti. He was so handsome with this attire. Ram and Meera came to the stage and they started delivering the Mantras told by Prohidhar. The camera man started shooting photos and videos. As Ram was fond of photography, he wanted his marriage photos to be candid with good frame. So, he decided to prepare for that and asked Meera to give pose accordingly. While seeing the people who came to the marriage, Ram’s eyes found Sita. He felt surprised and confused on seeing her. But Sita didn’t even respond. She just sat in the chair placed in the front row with a smiling face. Within minutes, Ram had many confusions because he didn’t even invited her for his marriage. He thought that she might be Meera’s friend too but he didn’t ask her because he had some hesitation to ask about Sita.

Within minutes, the marriage was over. Everyone in the marriage felt happy and Sita blessed them whole heartedly. Once the marriage was over, every friends and relatives moved to the stage and blessed the wedding couples with gifts and accessories. After sometime, Sita entered the stage with a Jewel box in her hand. Congratulations! Happy Married Life, Ram! You both look amazing and made for each other. Meera! You are such a blessed one to have Ram. I’m his Best friend Sita”, Sita wished them from her heart and also introduced herself to Meera. She opened the jewel box which had couples Diamond Rings. She asked Ram to make it wear to Meera’s finger and Meera to do the same to Ram. And she took a photo shoot with the couples and within minutes she moved from the marriage hall. Ram was shocked and felt very happy by the things happened. He didn’t even felt this much joy while he tied knot to Meera, but now he felt complete happiness. His eyes were filled with tears and his heart were filled with the memories of his friend now. At last, He understood Sita and her pure affection towards him. He rotated his eyes all over the hall but he couldn’t find her. Meera asked Ram, “What happened? You haven’t told about Sita to me. But she was very nice. I think she was really a good friend of yours!” Ram told, “Nothing! She was my best friend once.” But he said to himself, “No, Sita! Really, you are my best friend forever. Really feeling happy and deserved for having you in my life. Such a beautiful soul you are. You have proved it now!”

Ram is a person who is fond of photography and also a sportsman. He lives his life by enjoying every moment. He respects women and their feelings as such even in this cruel society. A good soul who likes his family a lot. Simply, he was a very good friend of Sita. Yes! Sita was Ram’s Best friend before two years. They both shared everything about them. There were no secrets between them. They used to have a relationship like Tom and Jerry, Angry birds. But they both had too much affection and care, they didn’t expose their affection by words. There was real caring by actions. Their characters were matched. Their friendship was perfect. Months passed… One day, Ram felt like he never wanted to lose his best friend. So, he told her, I never want to lose you in my life. We both are very good friends. And we knew each other a lot. I like your character too”. Sita too felt the same once Ram told everything. They want to marry each other because they never want to lose their best friends. But as we all know our culture won’t accept any individual man or woman to take their decisions on their own even if it is right. So, they both decided that it might not happen one day. So, they just wanted to hold their relationships as friends because they knew that their parents won’t allow their desires and so they never wanted to hurt them. Their matured and altruistic thoughts made them to hold their relationship as friends only. So, they continued their relationship as the same best friends. But one day, Ram became ill and Sita felt like something bad is going to happen. Her instincts and the dreams she had, constantly told her the same. So, she got scared and continuously tried to contact him. But there was no reply from him because he was ill as she thought. At that moment only, Sita came to understand that she had immense affection and care towards him. Her instincts, fear and anxiety made her to react emotionally & this caused many problems in their friendship. Everything is because of her fear about what happened to Ram. But she was strong in their desires because she never wanted to lose her best friend for her relationship. She wanted her best friend back not the relationship. But unfortunately, whenever they both tried to save their friendship, things went wrong and at last their contacts were lost one day. From that day, Sita decided that her friend should be happy with peace and his dignity should be maintained. Yes! She didn’t talk to him, they broke up but this was not a Break up between lovers, this was the BREAK UP BETWEEN BEST FRIENDS. Yes! Their friendship was pure and the affection she had towards him was unconditional. So, she always wanted to know whether he was happy or not, but at the same time she didn’t want to disturb him. Hence, she maintained the silence forever. One day, when Sita was working in her office, she came to know that his friend Ram’s marriage was going to happen in the month of April through a call from her friend who was Ram’s friend too. On hearing this, Sita felt utmost happiness. She wanted to see him happy and she decided that he should not have any guilt or any worries while facing her on any occasions. That was the only reason she went to his marriage. Everything is because her affection, love and care is as pure as Milk. It can’t be tested. Her affection is not just love or commitment where we want the other person to be ours. It is something beyond the boundaries which can’t be understand by ordinary humans. Even her best friend Ram didn’t understand her till when he saw her in his marriage. It is the greatest relationship in her life and for her, he is the greatest friend whom she always wanted to be happy. Their relationship is more than best friends but not expecting anything as return.

Sita came to her house from the marriage and packed all her luggage to vacate the house. She stayed there for one week. Within a week, she collected many memories in that village and a new friend Rupa too. But she decided to leave, because she came there only to attend Ram’s marriage. Now its time to move. She watched the Sparrow’s nest for minutes and said Goodbye to them. But those Sparrows didn’t know that she will not come back. She closed the door of her house and asked Rupa to give the keys to the house owner. At last, She bid a Good Bye to Rupa and to the village with tears in her eyes. But she felt the completeness while leaving from there. With that completeness, she entered into the car which was waiting for her in the bus stop and within seconds, the car moved from that village but a part of Sita’s soul and her memories wander there in the village forever. According to Sita, those memories she had with Ram were enough for her life time.

While travelling, Sita told herself,Ram! Yes, I wanted to marry you, once we both felt like we can be the best pair. But that is only because I never wanted to lose you my best friend & I wanted to be in your life to share all your happiness & sadness together and  to make you happy forever. But once I understood, I am not your happiness, instead I am becoming your problem, I just don’t want to make you feel worry anymore. I want you to live peacefully. And now, it happened. Thank you God! Today am so happy because my bestiee is getting married and his family is also happy.”

“You people may think that the story is not practical.

Yes! It may not be practical for the society we are living now. Because our so-called society always hold many prejudices like religion, culture, caste and yet another main thing is the surroundings. We often won’t think about our decisions and goals, instead we have a lot of perplexities like “What others will think if it happens? What people will say if it happens? What people will speak if it happens?” and the questions goes on…But just think once before you confuse yourself. It was your life. You decide how your life should be. But for taking any decision, you should be deserved. Career is very important for a person to make their decisions by themselves. Either you make friends, love, marry, or being single forever. Everything is in your hands. But mind one thing, your desires should not affect your parents by any means, instead try to make them understand. They are your parents if you can’t make them understand, then how can you make some other (who may be your friend or lover) who cares you to understand.

Sita, a woman who was strong in her desires now got promoted as a Manager and her pure affection and care made her friend to be happy forever too. She wanted to be an empowered woman and she didn’t believe in any relationships which hurt others. She wanted to have a calm and happy life with no compromises or any alternatives. Because if you choose compromises, you will always have to compromise yourself for everything in life. She didn’t think of the society and their criticisms, she just focused in her goals. Because society often curse the people who are living and praise the people who are died. Both the case are useless. Sita proved that she was an empowered woman.”

“But for the society, being single is not a problem but a woman being single is the problem. If you are strong in your desires, just strive for it. Anyone may confuse you or anyone may give free advice to you. But just think once before you think about the society, Are these people cared much about your life more than you? Are they going to live your life? Are they gonna be there forever with you? Are they going to die for your disease? No. Not at all! Everyone in this world is single, sometimes even our shadow left us alone. Then, how people stay forever? So, spread your love, care and affection at the most to anyone you meet but don’t expect anything as return because it is caring not dealing. Be happy with the serenity in life and don’t get over emotion for anything. We are not deserved to fail for emotions, we are deserved to achieve bigger.

Let our life be gratified with peace and desires, but not with compromises or people!”

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The Cold Coffee!

Author : Preethika Balasubramani

“Jannet come out…. What are you doing right there?” the voice shook her wavering mind about her life time ambition of becoming social worker.And brought her to real world… “I’ll be right there, mom!” she replied in her usual accent and  opened the door. It was a wooden house and her room was in creamy peach colour which was one of her favorite. Jannet was a typical teenage girl  belonged to a middle class family. Her father was working in a private company earning some salary which will satisfy their monthly needs.

“Here is the application form Jannet. Put your signature!”, Voice from mama which is hard as usual. “But mama, I love this place”, Jannet said ( with her eyes sparkling and holding thousands and thousands of memories in it) .”This is for your future Jannet and how many days you gonna stay in this small city. See our neighbour, Lusy’s parents sent her abroad to do some catering course. Now she is in good career”, Jannet signed it suddenly because she don’t wanna hear this again since she was bored with such same advice.

Jannet is a teenage girl doing her UG in her home town. She is longing to stay in her own place because of her dream which was growing along with her from childhood. Charities, old-age homes, becoming a social worker(It started by seeing an old woman who is asking her to give some food at her five) and also she is in love with the backyard lawn (where she fell uncountably and learnt how to walk). Her peach coloured room, her family and her two-year old pet teeny. (which is a small kitty found in her garden. So, Jannet gave her shelter home and most importantly  love). With all those flashes of past and future she signed the form. Her father took it and move on.

Her mom told, “Be ready and pack up the things! Your visa will ready soon and pack things which you need the most first because I can’t spare extra penny for luggage.” On the very next day Jannet was sitting in her room badly staring at her things. Her school certificates, her toys, her birthday gifts, her old books, her kitty. She was confused a lot because she wanna pack her whole room since each and everything has played a major role in her emotions…Because from her childhood Jannet gave most of her love to them. It seems like they are pleasing her to stay with them.Jan…!! (her mom used to call her when she needs some work from her… A petty name thing) Someone is knocking the door, take a look dear!”, her mom said. Jannet opened the door. It was her visa!

Everything just finished. “I wanna get ready. Mom! visa came”, Jannet said. Now, her voice lost life in it. She was packing things as soon as possible. Her flight was on Tuesday. In the airport everyone gathered, her few friends, parents, and her pet dog. Jannet hardly bid goodbye to everyone and to the city which brought her up so far.

The flight took off. Jannet was with her olive-green top with an overcoat above it which is pitch black and a dark blue Jean. Her hair was straight, with no curves long to hip, with broad eyebrows, pointed nose and skinny colour. The flight took off and a tall guy with sneakers and casuals and with dark eyebrows sitting next to her. “Hi! I’m Carren”, the dark eyebrow man said. Jannet just left a smile and started to play her own music to avoid strangers.“Within two hours, I will be in a place which is completely strange”, Jannet’s mind swinging like flight in dark blue deep sky.

After two hours, the flight arrived and Jannet took a taxi and moved. After reaching the Giant gate of university, she moved in. The university was standing along pridely with big buildings, green grass lawn covering the path, perfectly maintained trees and shrubs with staff here and there with perfect casuals, with some friends all over and love couples hiding here and there. She entered the reception and finished the applications, fee payment for hostel and for the course MBA. She was asked to share her room with Sherin (A girl applied to the same university just before her).

The staff gave the room keys. It was 208. She gave a curve smile and moved with her luggage. She reached the hostel, It was a big old building which is covered by same trees, lawn and with girls roaming here and there at her age. She walked to the woman sitting in the chair with the rough appearance nearly 50. Jannet showed her receipt and the woman told, “Top right 2nd floor,” in rough tone. Jannet moved slowly like a small snail creeping in rainy season due to her tiredness in travelling.

“203….,  207, 208… Yeah, I found it”, she opened the door. It was a normal bachelor room with brown blankets double cot bed. The room is vacant but it dumped so many stories, depressions, love and pain in it. Jannet did fresh up within an hour and lied on a cot. Soon within an hour her door bell clinged and it was Sherin (A girl with narrow eyes, fluffy short, with blue top and formal bottom). Sherin was her roomy. They had a crispy talk and time passed away, they slept.

The next day Morning, alarm woke her up. Both woke up and got ready with formals.  Sherin and Jannet are in different courses so their classes are at different place. While searching on the notice board for their lecture hall, Jannet felt a tall man shadowing her. A smart and a handsome voice saying, “Hi!”. She turned back. it was the same tall guy who was sitting next to her at the flight. She recollected all those memories of yesterday’s flight. She replied a soft hi and moved on. (The world is round and we can meet people if fate wants to us be…)

In the interval, everyone gathered in canteen. Jannet was sitting left to Sherin. Near to Sherin was John, a school friend of Sherin. In a minute, Carren who was studying logistics with John joined them. Everyone was chatting about their class staff. Mean time Carren asked Sherin, “I think someone is uncomfortable with my entry it seems”. Jannet gave a clumsy smile. This time Carren is looking at Jannet as he is waiting for her reply. “Not like that! It will take time for me to mingle”, said Jannet in humble voice.

In lunch, the conversation was about them and their family town. They become friends with each other. Now Jannet, Sherin, John, Carren and twin sisters Alice Davis and Olivia Davis joined. They were identical twins who were studying same course with Jannet.

Midnight reached… Sherin and Jannet was in their room. Jannet was sitting in the table near to window and enjoying the night breeze which slowly touching her chins and ears. She is enjoying the silence and letting the wind to mess her straight silky hair  with its chillness. Sherin was telling about her class and her new crush everything. She asked her why Jannet is so moody and she added “I think the tall guy Carren is so eager to hear your speech. What do you feel about him Jannet? “. Suddenly, Jannet’s phone rings flashing Mama. She picked and started to narrate her 1st day in the college.

The next morning, same routine classes went on and at interval Jannet became close to Sherin, John and with Davis twins. But with Carren, she only had a yes or no or some single word answers. In the evening, everyone was sitting in the lawn and playing some word games. (The game went like if Sherin told a letter John has to tell a name from that letter and tell who was the person with that name and two words about them).

After sometime, they moved on. Carren called Jannet and gave her a book and told that she missed it in the library. Jannet gave a smile and thanked him. Carren said, “No. Sorry! I need a cold coffee “ with a warm smile and with naughty look. Jannet told okay and they moved to the coffee shop nearby. Jannet ordered hot chocolate and Carren ordered cold coffee. Carren told,“I like cold coffee because whenever I take a sip, the chillness bring my sweet memories to the heart which is as cold as winter”. They each had a sip and some random talks and Jannet paid the bill. Carren thanked her for the coffee and moved on.

At room, Sherin mocked about their 1st date and started teasing Jannet. According to Sherin, Carren was handsome boy, hence girls get attracted easily. But she didn’t aware why Jannet was very silent. She was thinking of something or may be blank. Even Sherin got confused why Jannet is behaving odd.

Days passed on… Everyone was busy with their semesters. They met in afternoon lunch and had a general talk and moved on. Then two days before Logistics exam, Carren got doubt in Logistics and asked Jannet to teach some concepts.  They decided to meet by the next day evening in the lawn and she started to clarify his doubts. In between teaching,  Jannet identified that Carren was lacking conscious and he was looking at her. The look was too sharp and intense at this time. Jannet avoided his sight and focused on her tasks. Carren gave a teasing smile. Jannet asked “what?” in sign language by lifting her broad eyebrows. “Nothing I am good in psychology and mind reading. But I can’t read someone’s mind till now”, Carren said in a boyish accent. By the act of behaving innocent, Jannet looked at her watch and replied him that she wanna go then. They moved from the lawn.

They wrote their exams well and their grades were good. Carren scored better in Logistics. He thanked Jannet and the twins called everyone in the gang for their birthday party  which is going to be held in next month. The day went smooth but Jannet looked little tensed.

Jannet and Sherin was getting ready in their room. Jannet with a baby pink dress (party wear) and pink lip gloss which matched her skin very well. Sherin was usual in her casual (white top and block bottom). They all gathered in a place and moved to twins house (Davis Twins) because today was their birthday. They welcomed them and party was good with melodious and party songs. Carren played his favorite notes for birthday twins using guitar (but half of his notes was made for Jannet) .

Jannet was in as usual silence and innocence. She pretended that she was unaware of things happening around her. The party was over, Jannet and Carren was sitting in the chair near to the hall. Everyone was dancing and some was boozing at the party. Carren started the conversation, “Jannet did you ever fall in love with someone?”. Jannet looked different. Carren thought she will become angry. But she gave a warm smile and shook her head like saying No.

The night moved with warm and chill. Days passed on…. Carren was not normal now-a-days, something was missing in him. Often, his thoughts about Jannet was Stabbing his heart. Her memories tearing him apart. He came to felt that it was more than a crush.. “It was love”. It was making him weaker. But he didn’t identify any such signs of love or even attraction from Jannet’s side.

Carren thought to express his love to Jannet. He dressed perfectly and pooled all his courage to face her. He went to the college. Yes, she was there with the olive-green top (which she wore on the first meet in flight). He signed her to come. She was slowly moving towards Carren’s side. His heart was beating fast. As soon as she came, Carren gave her a beautiful pitch black diary. Jannet, “I never believed in love at first sight. But after the travel I believed, I saw you again and now you are here. I usually wrote diary. I have mentioned our unforgettable moments in this.  I am fallen for you”. He is waiting for Jannet’s reply.

But Jannet was as usual in her casual mode pretending like the world around her is absolutely normal. She replied, “Sorry Carren! No such thoughts. If it comes in future, Will let you know”.

Everyone including Carren was surprised by her reply, since it’s very normal. Carren couldn’t even say anything. He moved to his room. He looked a little(very) depressed state. The confusion for everyone was why didn’t she surprised or excited or embarrassed. She is very casual. Sherin told, “Really, she is very deep!”

Days roll on…. Their final semester started. Carren tried a lot. But everything he tried was becoming a failure. Finally Carren’s upset was turning to anger. He was in bad mood. He thought of something and suddenly moved towards Jannet. He asked in a rough tone, “I just need reply Jannet. Why are you doing this to me?  I need a sharp reply. Yes or no? “. Jannet replied in a calm tone, “Our final semester is approaching! I wanna focus on. I will let you know after the exam”. She moved on within seconds.

Carren was happy now because he didn’t get any negative answer. He too focused on his studies. As days were moving soon, he was becoming very happy each and everyday. Because he is in a confident state that Jannet’s reply will be positive. The last exam finished. Everyone was packing their things. Someone was busy in enjoying the last day. But Carren was waiting for Jannet’s reply.

Meanwhile Sherin, John and Davis twins were also eagerly waiting for Jannet. Half an hour passed. But Jannet was not there. They are loosing their patience. They waited for nearly 2 hours. After that, Carren too lost half of his hope and called Sherin to go to her room and check. Sherin moved to the room, the room was half vacant. Both Jannet and her things were not there. She left… Yes! she left. Sherin was too depressed  because Jannet has gone even without goodbye. There was only one thing representing Jannet’s presence. The diary! Yes it’s Carren’s diary. Sherin gave it to Carren. In the last page, it was written that “Sorry Carren!”, after reading it a drop of tear rolled in Carren’s chin.

After 20 years…..,

Carren  was in his home because it was his weekend. Revealing the whole story to his wife Jessy, and to the 8-year-old little girl Jannet. Jessy told, “Didn’t you see her anywhere after that? “

Carren took a deep breath and replied, “Yes, I do. In a sweet shop after 6 years. We had a random talk at  first and I shouted at her for her irresponsible behaviour at the last day. Then I moved. But she called me and with the casual and usual smile and replied, ‘I’m sorry  Carren’,  that’s it baby!! End of the story. She is my crush. But now I’m very happy with you people”.

“Miss Jannet!! here is your cold coffee…., Your favourite! Did you need any other thing mam? “,  the waiter asked. Jannet with the same casual smile signed No. “Yes…. I’m Jannet! The rough girl in the college. I don’t know may be if I waited on the last day, or accepted the proposal, my life would have changed. But for me, the days at the college, Carren’s smile and the memories he gave, enough for life time is more than enough for my whole life. May be I missed Carren, but in my heart the lingering memories and their sweet blossoms give odour to my life forever Like the cold coffee, which was not only Carren’s favourite, now turned to my favourite too…” Jannet is working now in charity and old-age homes which is her life time goal.

Now the moral which I gonna insist here is,

“In everyone’s life, there is love. But it has different dimensions and perceptions. Some may have told, some may have untold stories, some may have crush. It depends upon everyone’s feelings. Either it will move to next step or it may break up according to their situations. Here in the story, it is not Carren’s or Jannet’s mistake. Carren who loved Jannet more initially married Jessy now and blessed with a baby girl named Jannet too. At the same time Jannet, who initially avoided Carren and seemed very casual, is living now with the memories of Carren. Here, both are right in their own way. It is not their mistakes. Some may forget the love they had and can start a new life with some old memories of the first love always in their heart. Some cannot forget the person or the memories they give, because they may think that their love should be their life.

Many people often think that, being a Woman and staying single forever is insecure and it will lead to bad remark about her too. But Woman too can have true love holding forever… amidst many bad-mouths of this society.”


The Love Of Life

 Author : Preethika Balasubramani

It was almost midnight twelve Jenny was still awoke in her room all alone. Her home was fairly a single room. She was thinking of her abroad higher education…. suddenly faded and then of her love which was already half gone (a twelve year relationship with her childhood friend who was her lover Justin). She felt ever thing was gone yesterday..

Justin told ,” When you went to abroad you may busy with studies, meet new people. I too wanna move on…”  She was perfectly clear in mind, “I can’t hold on people who wanna move on”. She literally bid good bye… May be it is their last meet!

But Jenny is not pitch clear in her conclusions . Even she confused with her love. She was brought up in an orphanage where she completed her studies. And moved on get a job ( in a private company teaching music classes to children). Her flight was tomorrow.

On next fine morning… She was packing things for abroad. Her phone was ringing. It blinked unknown number. It was from her orphanage. An old female, fairly 50 spoke that the maid who brought her up was sick. While hearing this, a flash of childhood stroke his memories…

In orphanage, she saw the lady who was facing death nearby. She hold her hand, Kissed her forehead. The lady closed her eyes in silence.With the same silence she went out. Suddenly she felt some softness.

A little hand hold her index finger. It was a little baby with very big eyes. She was  a girl.  Jenny get back her conscious that A lady aged fifty was carrying her. She told it was given to orphanage by some poor people.

Jenny felt of her childhood. She don’t want another baby girl who was confused to take conclusions between love and life…. She brought her in her arms. The baby was looking deep in her eyes. Jenny told with drops rolling out her chin, ” I may not found true love. But I know how to give true love!”

For your reference, this is the story written by my friend Preethika Balasubramani, a biomedical engineer working in her core company.

The moral which I wanna insist you all is, “Yes! Love is not only a relationship between a boy and a girl! Here, the love between Jenny and the girl is the bond between a mother and a child eventhough Jenny is not her mother. Love is pure and unconditional. It is not based on any criterias such as gender, rich, poor, younger, older, caste, religion, etc. It is pure and flawless. So, don’t restrict it only to a boy and a girl!”