Carrot Smoothie for Babies

Hi Folks! Today am gonna share the recipe which can make your baby’s intestine relax and if your kid has any indigestion issue, then this is one of the perfect recipes which could help a lot as a remedy.


You don’t need cow’s milk or any animal milk to make Smoothie here.

Do you Know?

According to Paediatricians, Parents should not give cow’s milk or any animal milk to babies under one year.

Instead, you can use coconut milk which is one of the most nutritious food at this growing phase.

Carrot Smoothie for babies


  • Carrot – 2
  • Water – half glass
  • Coconut milk – half cup


Add carrots in a cooker and pour the water. Now, close the lid and put it in a high flame. Wait for 4 to 5 whistles to get the carrot in a well cooked condition. Now, switch off the stove. Once the pressure get released, open the lid and separate the carrot and the water in a jar and glass respectively.

Now, you can add the coconut milk into the jar and grind the mixture. Do not add water to the mixture as this could make the smoothie nutrition less when you give it to your baby.


You can take the boiled water (water used in cooker) for your baby to drink after he/she finished his/her smoothie.

Amazing Fact

Coconut milk contains high amount of lauric acid, which is also found in breast milk. This lauric acid protects babies by fighting against infections and bacteria.


2 or 3 teaspoon of water is enough for babies from 6 months to one year.

The Victim!

Author : Preethika Balasubramani

The summer was more hot as it was in the process of making people tired. The people were moving like a turtle along the big giant road. Everyone who was living here are victims for a reason. Some are victims of love, some are of people, some are victims of food. Some being poor, victims of money, victims all over the world… And even the world is the Victim of people (the most cruel disease which destroying world each and every day)

Okay! There is no time for you guys to hear about all those victims in your busy life race. So, we are gonna see about one of the most important victims in the world.

In the business of  giving extreme hotness to people, Sun continued it’s daily job. A girl with a formal dress (not so neat)  but elegant, sharp eyes, pointed nose with a pony and some luggage  tried to cross a big road (Which had no idea of giving an end to its travel). Her name was Tira. She was searching for a house or a share basis room or even some home like setup to escape from the cold winter breeze at time at very low cost.

She finally found one, not a house, a room like set up, she bargained and leased it for one year. She opened the door. It took nearly 2 and a half an hour to make it act like a room. She found a bed at the center of room (she assumed it as a bed because it had 4 legs). Tira arranged it with all she had and slept off. The Sun at last finished its duty for the day and called out Moon to take care of the rest.

Finally the morning chillness wake her up. Her mouth asked for a coffee to wet itself. She took a bath and went out for a coffee. She found a shop nearby and paid for a coffee and took a sip and paid another penny to buy a newspaper. Being a girl in the society, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper at 7.00a.m. at roadside shop will make people around you to watch you or at least scan you for two minutes amidst their busy schedule. She finished off the bottom sip. Even the glass got confused whether it had coffee in it before few minutes or not. It’s all THIRST.

She moved to the room and avoided herself  from some bad eyes and started searching for vacancies in the newspaper. There were many marketing BPO Telecaller and some sales girl Jobs etc. Tira read upon those articles one-by-one and marked some jobs. At last, she searched and attended an interview  in a marketing company. They selected her and gave her a sales girl role of a particular product. Her job was to promote the product.

She accepted the job spelled out by the management and signed the contract for one and a half year and bought some initial pay for her makeover, which was provided by the company. As we all know, Being a female in this so called independent society is really a tough job. Soon as Tira’s job and talent of selling product was good, some customers gave their mobile numbers for their personal deeds. But being a confident women she tackled everything fairly well.

One fine day, A man with a white overcoat and perfectly done hair aged nearly 25 or may be 27 came to the company. The visit was based on the agreement progress for promoting some of the products of his so called company. They arranged a special room for their meeting. The manager who was busy in the arrangement moved here and there.  Tira who was busy in her usual office works didn’t aware of much of the things going on. Suddenly, the manager moved towards Tira.

The Manager called Tira by her name. Tira was surprised and moved to him. He asked Tira, ” The woman who was a marketing manager was planned to talk with that promoter company. Unexpectedly she was unable to attend the meeting. So, I request you to attend this meeting and give a speech about the product.”  Tira was happy to hear this but at the same time, she was in a confusion because there are many new professionals, even seniors were there but why was she?

But the manager told that he had confidence in her. And he added that she could do it and another important issue was they have already given the profile of marketing manager whose name was the same “Tira Alfred”. So there were no such issues in future. He gave her few documents and asked her to go through it. Within 5 minutes time the meeting was held and Tira’s performance was up to the core. The company signed the assignment.

“Marketing is an art!” Tira in that assignment proved that she was an excellent artist. After her tremendous performance, she was given a position of marketing manager. But it didn’t brought much happiness in her life. People started gossiping behind and even before her. Some said “Her beauty made it” and some other people said “It’s not because of her talent.. The young man (who was with a white coat) fell for her.” Some laughed. Some people asked directly, “what did you offer to get this job?”  At first she pretended to be casual. After sometime, she acted like she became deaf and dumb to such criticisms. But One day, Tira just stunned in depression when she was called “Slut “ by a group of people surrounding her. The main thing to notice here is Most of those were females. Tira went to home. She was so depressed, feeling mad. She took more than 1 and a half sleeping pill to get some sleep. The most saddest part of the situation was she had nobody to share what she felt right now. The only way for a lonely girl who was criticised by hundreds of unknown faces is to wet her pillow… Or to try some suicidal attempt in depression.

Suddenly her door bell rang. She opened the door. Nobody was there. But she felt something thick under her foot. It was an old brown diary which was torn and lost its colour in some places. She took it and looked around the street. There was nobody in the road. She took that diary and came in. She kept it on the table and moved in to drink some water. She looked on the calender. She was shocked.. It was her 26th birthday. She usually didn’t celebrate her birthdays. It was used only for the purpose of counting her age. She moved to the hall. She looked on the diary for sometime. It was unscrupulous to read other’s diaries. But to know the name of the person who wrote she had to read.

She took it in her warm hands. And turned the old browny pages with her index finger. She was surprised. It was a young lady in black and white picture. She was similar to the face which Tira has seen many times. She moved to the mirror. It was nearly similar to her face, Big eyes, Perfectly made lips, Pointed nose. Something in her inner voice told, “It was her mother”. Suddenly a drop of tears rolled towards her chin and tried to wet the picture.

With the same eagerness and some unknown love. She opened the next page. These are the words written in that diary,

” To My dear Baby girl :

This is a letter from your unknown Mother. I don’t even know your name. But when you are in my womb I used to call you as “Briana” which means brave girl. I gave you this name since it played a major role in your mother’s life. I was brought up in a good family like others enjoying their childhood. When I was in college, I fell in love with your father and got married to him. Everything went smooth. I became a successful women as a managing director in a well developed company. But suddenly everything just vanished. Your father met with a car accident and touched God’s feet. But the case was investigated and Police doubted that it was a planned murder. I broke off. For me, the world became dark. but I was confident that I could at least do my job, but people surrounding me suspected me as a murderer. Many talk bad about me. Someone told that, I had an another relationship, I’m in love with someone else, etc. They started narrating stories in my life. I went on severe depression. I drunk… I Smoke… I took pills… But one day… I got the most wonderful news…  I was pregnant. From that day, I stopped everything. I started to live for you. You were my world. You were my future. You were my everything. But people around us spoke bad about you too. But I was not hearing them. I was confident then, Because my child you are here now. But after your birth God didn’t want me to stay long days with you. Suddenly, I got ill by a disease… My dear I wanna  make this to reach you at your birthday. Most importantly your 26th birthday. This is the age I was holding you in my arms and fought for life.

Dear, I know your state now. Every woman in this world will become a victim at times. People will gossip! They will make you depress, they will try to suppress you.. ‘But one thing they can’t stop you’. You are my Briana.You are the power. You are strong enough. You are my identity of success. Go Briana! Achieve your goals. Better be a dumb and deaf for people’s speech. Go up dear! – By your sweet mom”

This time, Tira’s eyes were filled with tears. But there were no confusions anymore. There was a  perfect smile now. Yes! Tiara was back. She was clear now. There are hundreds of women in this world, may be not in the name of Tira, but suffering as a victim for people’s words. Tira is one among them.

The moral which I insist here is,

“Gossiping at people may be our part of Entertaiment but people holding them were suffering of pain day by day. What if the girl once we called “Bitch” is a virgin. What if the girl once we called “Fat” is already on fasting for two days. What if the girl once we called “Mad” is already depressed and lonely.

Everyone is a victim at times for words. Don’t judge others, Because it is not the end of your life. You too have to face much more in this society. One day, the sword which you pointed to others will turn around. At that time, you will realize that it is pointing you and you cannot pay anything return to get back your old esteem. And to all Tiras (all women) in this world, Just be a deaf and dumb when you are criticized by people, either it may be a good or bad criticism. Accept those as it is! You will not be defeated unless you decided to revoke!”

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