Will Do it On June 6…

It was June 4, 2017…

That was a dark evening somewhat brightened with street lights and shops which were opened in that narrow street! Catherine came from a party where she went in the morning. The whole day, she enjoyed a lot there. The party is to celebrate her friend Nancy’s marriage which is going to be held next week. So, this party seemed like bachelor’s party. Every friend of Nancy was invited and Catherine who was Nancy’s college mate too joined there. She was with a black Trendy Empire Waist dress which perfectly suited her structure & crème skin color. Her hair was dark black from the scalp and ended with brownish shade. It was smooth and silky. Her hazel blue eyes can speak more than her words. Yup! Such a powerful eyes which can mesmerize all people to speak to her. With sharp nose and soft pinkish lips, she looked gorgeous. Catherine is so exhausted now because she has no potential to even open her house door. She felt dizzy and somehow managed to open the door after fighting with it for up to 10 minutes. Then she came to her bedroom, lied into the bed, removed her slippers and threw those to the hall where the foot rack was kept. Within a minute, she went into a deep sleep.

The clock shows 9 and a night lamp which was near her bed started blinking. May be it is due to power shortage. When the clock struck 2, Catherine started blabbering some words. But in every sentence, she added, “Okay! I will do it.” Actually, she was in her dreams. She used to blabber some words at this time daily and in the morning, however she tried to recollect she couldn’t. But the thing is, it was the same dream which comes in her mind at the same time daily, from the day she started living in that house.

Catherine, a brave personality, an young aged lawyer who used to deal criminal cases often. She started her career at the age of 23. Now, she is 27. Within this 4years, she has dealt 10 cases. Out of those 10, 7 were criminal cases and she got succeeded in 3 civil cases and 6 criminal cases except the one in which she couldn’t find some evidences for which she is still searching . That was the case about the death of a girl named Iris, who was 16 years old.

The clock struck 6 in the morning. Catherine woke up slowly from the bed and she still felt the dizziness. She moves like a turtle to the hall and opened the door of her house. The newspaper and the milk packet was in the stand which was kept outside. Catherine took both and turned. But something stroke in her mind and she again turned back. There was a post in the post-box. Catherine took it eagerly to know, from whom it came from. But there was no from address. Then she took that too and entered into the home. Due to tiredness, she put that letter and newspaper in the wooden table which was in the hall. After 10 minutes, Catherine came up with a hot cup of coffee. She was with her night dress which was faded, but it was her comfort wear.  She had her first sip, then reminded about that letter which had no from address. Catherine put that coffee cup in the table and opened the letter. It was the post-mortem report of Iris. Catherine went through it carefully and she got confused. The report said that Iris had died due to suffocation. But the evidences Catherine collected is proving that it might be a murder. But there were no other fingerprints in the place where Iris has died. That was the reason behind her confusion.

It was one winter Monday. Catherine with her white casual Top and black Palazzo arrived a house in her Jaguar. No one was living in that house except a gardener. It was Iris’s house, a large traditional building with so many pillars and windows, all made with teak wood. There were two entrances for that house. In the main entrance, a painting of an old woman was kept. She was Eliza (Iris’s great grandma), who died at the age of 72. At that time, Iris father didn’t even get married. Eliza was called as the bravest lady of that family, but in the last days of her life, she became mentally sick and blabbered a lot and lost all her consciousness too. She was admitted in the hospital for nearly up to 9 months and finally died on 06th June, 1996 (06-06-96). Actually, Iris too died on the same date in 2016 (06-06-16). The doubt here Catherine got was, is it a coincidence or perfectly planned murder?

Catherine entered into the main hall which is really a bigger one amidst occupied by large pillars, wooden chairs and tables. This hall was holding a lot of memories of Iris’s family. Every function of this family was planned and performed here. From the hall, many rooms were there in every direction. On the way from hall to kitchen, an outer space was there without any terrace. A large wooden swing was placed there. Iris used to play there. Solomon, her dad used to move the swing for Iris whenever she sat there. Now, without even a person, this swing is slightly moving when Catherine went nearby.

“Dad! Sway it fast”, a sound came but no one was there. It was the voice of Iris. (Again, some laughing and playing sounds continues…)  Catherine got shocked. She couldn’t even understand what is happening around her! Then she compromised herself by thinking that it was an illusion. But her hands were trembling due to nervousness, her eyes rotated around 360 degree, but no one was there except her. She felt thirsty and went to the kitchen which is near to the swing. The kitchen was so dark with some used and some unused utensils. Catherine searched the vessels for water. There was a white colored ceramic pot in which water is filled. Catherine took the lid and drank the water. “Aww… What is this?” (Catherine was screaming and shouting with fear….)  Crunch! Crunch! (The glass got broke down). This is because of the blood stain in the inner side of the lid. She couldn’t identify how it happened? She came out from the kitchen. With scary eyes and trembling hands, she hit against a pillar and fell down. “Aww… Somebody help me!!! Am gonna die… ”, Catherine shouted with tears rolling from her eyes. The Gardener came inside the house on hearing the voice of her. “What happened Madam? Anything serious? ”, the gardener asked. Catherine slowly rose up and didn’t even attempt a word. She ran fast like a cheetah and came out from the house. In the entrance, a dark black cat sat near the gate. “Meow…, Meow…” It seemed like the cat is trying to convey something to her. But Catherine’s fear increased more. She started her Jaguar and disappeared from that place within seconds.

It was 7 in the evening. Catherine entered into her house and switched on the lights. She locked the door and sat on her couch. Her heart beat still didn’t get back to normal speed. She felt more sweat and so she removed her hair clips and tried to dry it using fan. With her long loose hair, pinkish lips, hazel blue eyes and crème color, she went to the mirror. This appearance made her to feel herself as a ghost. She got scared and threw the nearby vase into the mirror. The mirror broke into pieces. She got confused again and lied down in her bed with lots of confusion. “ Okay! I will do it!” (Catherine started blabbering in her dreams again). She couldn’t sleep well.

 “Iris! Come, let’s play!”  A voice came from Jenny, a new neighbor of Iris. Iris with her cat went to play with Jenny. Jenny was 13 years old. She used to be with Iris. After Jenny’s arrival to that street, Iris’s behavior started to change. Iris, a brave positive and determined girl, started thinking negatively in every aspect. Her boldness changed to fearfulness. Her parents noted her. But Stella, who was Iris’s mother told her husband, “May be, it is because she is growing”. But Solomon continued to watch his daughter’s every movement. He could find out more changes in her day by day. But he never discussed about this to anyone.

Days passed… One fine evening, Iris and Jenny were playing Carrom in Iris’s room. Suddenly, a screaming sound came from that room. On hearing this, Solomon reached the room quickly. “Iris…Iris!!! What happened? Anything Serious?”, Jennie was trying to wake Iris. Solomon took Iris to hospital. Doctors couldn’t find out what happened to her. Iris was admitted in the bed for three days. Then, Solomon discharged her. Iris was taken care by her parents. Within that three days, Jenny’s family moved from that house to another city. Iris’s condition became critical and worst. She used to blabber daily while sleeping. Solomon tried to listen to her words. “Okay! I will do it!”, Iris repeated the same sentence again and again. Solomon and his wife worried a lot. They tried their best to cure her daughter. But there is no improvement.

One night, everyone was sleeping. Solomon heard a screaming sound of Iris. She was trying to breath, but she couldn’t. Solomon entered the room. He could see Jenny who was trying to kill Iris by using the pillow. Jenny was with a white gown and long nails painted dark red in color. Her eyes were in dark hazel blue color. Solomon shouted a lot and tried to protect Iris. But his voice couldn’t be heard and he couldn’t even move an inch. Iris died within seconds after a long fight for her life… Jenny got disappeared and Solomon became normal now. He cried a lot on seeing Iris’s death. Stella came to the room and asked how it happened. But Solomon sobbed and reacted like he didn’t know about anything. “I don’t know. I heard a sound. When I reached here, our daughter had died.” Stella cried a lot and after two days of Iris’s death, Solomon decided to reveal about their daughter’s death to Stella. But whenever he tried to say, something went wrong. At last, Solomon asked Stella to pack everything and they decided to move from that house to some other city. Solomon still didn’t reveal the matter to anyone, because he at least wanted his wife to be alive.

The clock struck 6 in the morning. Catherine woke up from the bed. She tried to recollect yesterday’s events. But she couldn’t remember anything. Then, as usual she went to take the newspaper. Again there was a post. It was the post-mortem report of Iris. Catherine took it and got shocked. Her thoughts were telling her that it was happened before. But she couldn’t recollect anything. Now, Catherine got confused a lot. She couldn’t concentrate in her work. She took bath and went to the court with White shirt, black coat and black bottom (a formal attire of lawyers). She met some clients of her, she couldn’t even approach them positively. In every sentence, negativity played a tremendous role. Then, at 6 in the evening, she came to home in her Jaguar.

The calendar showed the date June 5, 2017. Catherine felt like she had seen this date yesterday. But she couldn’t recollect anything. As she was too tired, she didn’t cook anything for dinner and ordered Chicken Pizza using her mobile phone. Within 10 minutes, the doorbell rang. She opened the door. “Mam! Your Pizza!”, the pizza delivery boy came with the pizza she ordered. Catherine bought it and opened. She started enjoying every piece of  the chicken pizza. And it was the last piece, but she couldn’t eat much. She kept that in the table itself and went to the bed. Now, her mind is full of confusion. She couldn’t retrieve her memories. Everything was fading slowly from her brain. And she slept with that confusion.

The next day, the gardener of Iris’s house was reading the newspaper. In the first page, “Catherine, a young aged brave lawyer, died at 2’O clock in the morning today due to suffocation! Police is now investigating about her death. They suspect that it may be due to suffocation”, the gardener read the whole news and the newspaper was dated June 6,2017 (06-06-2017).

Actually, the hidden truth here is…

Catherine didn’t even go to Iris’s house and the whole incident happened on June 5 was her dream, which she couldn’t recollect later. Catherine came from Nancy’s party and slept. Everything happened in the next day was her dream. But everything happened in that dream was true. It was Iris who tried to tell everything to Catherine by using dream as a communicating medium. But Jenny, who killed Iris, already planned to kill Catherine, once Catherine committed to take in charge of this case. So, she made all those incidents appeared in her dream to erase from her memories. Actually, Catherine started becoming Jenny’s slave from the first day she started collecting evidence for this case. That’s why she blabbered daily like Iris. And the words too didn’t change.

Jenny, a girl born in 1966, had many dreams in her life. But her heart was full of negative thoughts which consistently reduced her desires and determination, instead increased her fear each day. She became mentally sick and died at the age of 20 on 06-06-1986. But her soul couldn’t rest in peace. She started to kill the women who were brave and optimistic by creating pessimism and fear into their mind. She wanted to kill them like the way she died. She killed Eliza, her best friend first and then after 20 years, Eliza’s granddaughter and now Catherine. But all were died on 6th June, the day Jenny died…….

Actually, in everyone’s dream, Jenny whispered, “Okay! I will do it on June 6…..”

“Everything occurs for a reason! Think it. But don’t overthink anything, because those thoughts will kill you one day, even if you don’t have any Jenny. Live the life with the flow and accept everything as such. You may have heard, “Think Beyond the limit.” These proverbs can be used in the academics much to improve your skills and talents, but don’t try to apply it to real life. It is like a slow poison, it will kill you one day without the aware of yours. Be optimistic as much as possible and believe, everything happens for a reason. The people you meet, the incidents happened daily, the issues you faced, everything is somewhere connected like networks. Do not ask many questions like how it happens? , why it happens? , by whom it happens?….

However, you tries to change, it happens…. Accept it…. So, once again think a little….not much…”

Hope you all like this story!