Hesitant to speak in English?

Are you a person who is hesitant to speak in English? If you want to improve your communication in English, then just start doing the following things as your daily routine and you will become a pro in English both in fluency and in the vocabularies you use.


Reading Books

Reading is the best habit one can have in lifetime, as reading not only improves your communication but will also make you a brainy one day. Unless you read more, you won’t get more knowledge on any field.

If you are not a person who likes reading, then do not jump into reading leader’s biographies in the first. This will worsen the scenario. Instead, just start with mystery novels or comic books in simple english. This can increase your reading practice. With the interesting twists they have, you will always want to finish the book.



Ensure that you are choosing a book not more than 100 pages in the beginning, this will help you to complete the book. Otherwise, we know what we used to do. (Just put the book in bookshelf as a decorative piece)

Listen more

Start watching english movies, TED talks, listen to audio books, and other Talk shows from today itself. Initially it will be boring for sure. But do not withdraw. If you feel very boring, just switch to fantasy or animated movies where you can see colorful scenes which might interest you. Also, try to speak in the similar accent of the movie you loved. This could help you learn English better with passion.

Speak more

Once I say speak, you people might think to whom we can speak during this lockdown. The first person who will listen to your speak is you. Yes! Start speaking by seeing your face in the mirror. This can help you to reduce your anxiety while speaking at a stage. Because you will get to know your body language and the way you speak.

Also, you can talk in many online clubs which are exclusively for speaking English. Download one of those apps and start speaking, no matter either it is wrong or right.

Use new words daily

If you have come across a new vocabulary or a phrase while watching or reading, just try to jot down those in a notepad and learn the meaning of it afterwards. Try to use that new word often while you are speaking. This will allow your brain not to forget that word. Also, you can easily speak relentlessly without searching for words.

Bottom Line

Nothing is impossible when you trust the process. So, start doing what you like from today itself and plan accordingly to reach your destination.

I suggest you the following books which can help beginners to learn English faster but in an interesting way.