Once we were Best Friends!

Pragti , a little girl, who was born in a village, had some dreams in her life. At the age of 10, as everyone of us have dreams like to become a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, etc. Yet this girl’s dream was somewhat different. Yes! She had a dream to have a friend for her lifetime. No matter however life changes, she wanted that best friend to stay beside her forever with all love and care. Pragti used to tell her mom about her dream often. But her mom with her busy schedule wanted to sacrifice her lifetime for her family. She didn’t have time to hear about this. So she said to Pragti, “My dear, go and do your homework given by teacher. I will prepare snacks for you this evening!”. Pragti went to do her homework. After half an hour, her mom came with cookies and tea. Pragti took those snacks and went to the lawn in the backside of her house. She dipped those cookies with the tea and started to enjoy it with her taste buds in the tongue. At that time, her ears heard a murmering sound. She kept the cup of tea in the table and started walking towards the sound she heard.

Atlast, she found that the sound came from the backside of a bush, where two children playing hide and seek. Pragti, came closer to them and asked,”What are you doing in our garden?”. The children came out from the bush. The elder one started,” Our family came to this village yesterday. We are your neighbours. I am Shraddha and he is my brother Shivpaul”. Pragti felt like her dream will be fulfilled one day on seeing Shraddha’s face. So, she gave her hands to Shraddha and asked,”Friends?”. Shraddha immediately accepted her greetings and they both became friends from that day.

Actually, it happened on October 1st week. Shraddha’s age is same as Pragti. They started to go to school together, sharing lunch together, studied together. After school, they started to do homework and they play together. One can’t see Pragti or Shraddha alone. They were like conjoint twins. As Pragti wished, they both became best friends within a short span. Years passby… They both have attained the age of 21. One fine day, Shraddha went for an excursion with her family. Pragti started sobbing because,Shraddha is leaving from her.

Shraddha told her that she will comeback within 5 days. But it became 10 days. Shraddha didn’t return back. This caused Pragti not to concentrate on her work and she started searching for her everywhere. She tried to call her. But it couldn’t be reached. Pragti feels like very lonely even when she is in a family function, parties, everywhere. One night, when Pragti was sleeping, she had a dream! In that dream, Shraddha is admitted in hospital and doctors injected trips to her. Pragti woke up from her sleep suddenly. An intuition came to her mind saying that something is wrong to Shraddha. So she decided to ask the relatives and friends of her family members. But no one can identify what happened. Atlast, Pragti decided to wait for her friend, because no other way is possible. Yet she couldn’t focused on any work of her. Even for a whole day, she thinks of those old memories with her bestiee.

After few days, a car arrived to Shraddha’s home. Pragti eagerly run there and searched for Shraddha, but except Shraddha all cameback. Pragti was in dilemma. So, she asked Shraddha’s father,” Uncle! What happened to my friend? Where is she? Is she suffering from any problem?” Pragti with her fear and dilemma asked a number of questions. Tears striken through her eyes. Her dad told that Shraddha had an accident, and she was in hospital now. Doctors told that she can’t recollect any past things happened. On hearing this, Pragti was shocked.

“Actually, at times when we care for someone more, some instincts tell us that if something bad is going to happen for that person. It will mostly become true,trust those instincts.You people may experienced this.However, I too experienced this.” 

Pragti rushed to see Shraddha in the hospital. But Shraddha wouldn’t even respond to her best friend. She asked,”who are you?”. On hearing this, tears flooded through Pragti’s eyes and she left from the hospital. Shraddha’s family decided to shift from that village to gave some relief to their daughter’s mind. Pragti can’t even ask Shraddha to stay, because, in scrutiny of Shraddha, Pragti is just a neighbour. But for Pragti, Shraddha is her world. While they were packing all things to move from that village, Pragti gave her number to Shraddha’s father and said,” One day, my friend will know who am I and she will ask my number. At that time, give it to her Uncle!”. After that, Pragti moved from Shraddha’s house and started to live alone amidst she has family & many friends. She waited for years…. But Shraddha didn’t comeback.Two decades passed. Pragti is now 41 years old. She still waits for her one best friend for her lifetime. Her friends and family members, everyone started blaming her. But Pragti won’t change, because she loved her best friend more.

But on the other hand, Shraddha with her family and children enjoying a very happy life with no big worries.

” This is what life is…

Some people can change at times because of situations. But someother won’t even move from their dreams and desires for years… It is neither Shraddha’s fault nor Pragti’s fault. No one should be blamed.Accept everything as it is!”

After somedays, Pragti started writing a story titled,“Once we were best friends…”. But she only knows, they are best friends forever.

Here, I just want to tell you all that,for some situations and happenings, “Nobody has answers until it happens to us!” Yes! This is what the moral here I want to insist you all..

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