How to prepare Golden Milk?

Hi Folks! You might have read the content “Golden Milk and its health Benefits” in the previous post. As I already told you, the recipe for the Golden Milk is here.


Milk – 2 cup

Turmeric – 1 tsp

Grated ginger – 1 tsp

Cinnamon – 3 pieces

Pepper powder – 1/2 tsp

Coconut Oil – 2 tsp

Honey – 1tsp (optional)


Take 2 cups of boiled milk in a vessel and add the turmeric, grated ginger, cinnamon, pepper and coconut oil. Now, whisk and mix it well in a low flame for 5 minutes. And the Golden Milk is ready to serve. You can add honey if you want sugary taste. But ensure that you add it once the bowl is removed from the heat. Don’t boil the honey. If you don’t want to add coconut oil, just try with adding ghee instead.

For people who are vegans, you can use coconut milk or almond milk instead of cow’s milk. The taste will be really good and it is healthy too.

Here is the video which can help you to easily understand the measurements and the preparation.

Golden(Turmeric) Milk making

Golden Milk and its Health Benefits

Have you heard the word “Golden Milk” ever? If yes, then you might also know about the delectable aroma and tremendous health benefits it has. Golden (Turmeric) Milk is nothing but a home-made drink which can be regularly taken. As turmeric is India’s most versatile spice, most of the Asian people might know about the advantages it contains.

Here, I am gonna explain the health benefits of Golden Milk which can be easily made with the ingredients in your house.

Golden Milk (Turmeric Milk)

1. Sleeping Aid

As the key ingredients(milk and turmeric) of Golden Milk has anti-depressant properties, it increases the serotonin levels in the brain. This will make you to feel relax, calm and drowsy. Have a habit of drinking Golden Milk once a day before you go to bed. It will act as a remedy for insomnia.

2. Immunity Booster

Curcumin in turmeric has antibacterial,antiviral and anti-fungal properties, which help to get rid of cold, flu and other infections.

Also, the other ingredients in Golden Milk carry antioxidants which aid in boosting your immune system. Try consuming the Golden Milk in the morning with empty stomach. This increases the chances of strengthening your immunity.

3. Better Digestion

Troubles like bloating , heart burns can be reduced when the Golden Milk is consumed on a regular basis. If you had a heavy lunch, then take a cup of Golden Milk which helps in fat digestion by increasing the flow of bile.

In addition, it lessens loss of appetite and gastro-intestinal infections. Children can consume the Golden Milk to get rid of worms in the stomach

4. Headache Remedy

As turmeric has blood thinning effect, your nerves will get proper blood circulation. Take a cup of warm turmeric milk. This can ease your headache whether it is due to sinus or mental stress.

5. Improves Women’s Reproductive Health

Turmeric acts as estrogen, which increases fertility in women. People who have issues in conceiving can consume golden milk daily to avoid hormonal insufficiency. Also, women who have pain during their periods find relief by consuming the milk at that time

Though it has many benefits, women who are in their first trimester of pregnancy are not advised to take the golden milk regularly as it is a uterine stimulant.

6. Anti-Cancer Agent

The Curcumin present in turmeric can kill cancer cells and prevent spreading it to other body parts. Consuming turmeric milk routinely assists in preventing malignant growths too. Nevertheless, this cannot cure cancer at the final stage

Bottom Line

On the whole, compared to other drinks such as coffee and tea, one can consume Golden Milk daily to stay healthy as you all know health is wealth.

The recipe for the Golden Milk will be posted by this week itself. Follow our blog to get the recipe in your mailbox.

Things you should know for a Long Lasting Happy Relationship

Are you a couple who wants to engage in a relationship for lifetime? If yes, I can tell you the most important things which you should know to hold the hands of your partner until eternity.

Whenever I say “Relationship“, people used to tell me, “Oh, No! It is complicated”. But a relationship is very easy when compared to all other bonds. The key ingredient is “Love“. If this love is not expressed in a right way, then the warning alarm will start ringing.


Here, I suggest some tips with which you can improve your bond and also learn to fulfill your partner’s expectations.

1. Communication matters!

Communication is the best way to know each other. Feel free to talk more like a best friend. This will help your partner to understand your feelings and character. While talking, have effective communication (not only simple chit-chat, but also about your goals and future plans).

2. Be Honest

Whenever you try to convey something to your partner either it may be a secret or some daily activities, be honest with your words. Don’t try to hide anything as this may break the trust he/she has in you when your partner finds out. Moreover, this will lead to suspection even when you speak the truth in future.

3. Humor works

Believe me! Humor is one of the interesting things which can help you to build your relationship stronger. You will soon become more like friends if you have sense of humor. Make your partner laugh when he/she is upset. Try to console them by some jokes more than boring advices. This helps a lot

4. Make him/her feel special

When it comes to relationship, priority is the greater issue. Give your husband/wife the more priority than parents or children. This is because you have the freedom to choose your partner but not other family members. And so, you have to earn his/her trust to prove that you are the right choice.

Also, if you are newly married, then you should start discuss with your husband/wife too before taking any decision in your family. This will make them feel special and your bond will become robust.

5. Physical contact

Intimacy and privacy are major concerns. Physical contact doesn’t always mean having sex, but also holding hands, cuddling and kissing will also develop your love and intimacy.

In addition, try to spend some private time which can help you to talk about anything without hesitation. This will make your partner feel free and secure when you are around.

6. Grow Together

Ask your partner’s interests and ambitions. Motivate him/her to reach the goal. With this, you both can grow together. Additionally, this can give you space for self improvement in many aspects.

7. Quality Time

Always ensure that you talk to your partner atleast once a day even if you have busy work schedule. Your partner always wants some quality time to spend with you. And if you are not giving your time, there might be a chance to feel that he/she is not in your priority list. This could make your partner gets disappointed at times. And if this continues often, your relationship will start getting faded.

8. Learn to forgive

Humans are immune to mistakes. Your better half is not an exception. Learn to forgive your spouse when he/she is apologizing for the mistakes they have done. Do not hold any grudge or egoistic attitude, as this will ruin your relationship one day.

9. Tell what you want

Just tell your better half what you expect from him/her. Do not think that your partner should find out what your mind going through. Just think once, is he/she a psychologist to read your mind? If you expect this, you will probably get disappointed. So, tell your partner about your wishes or desires so that your spouse can fulfill it easily.

10. Listen before you speak

Whenever there is a conversation between you and your spouse, make sure that you are listening to your partner’s words totally with patience. Instead, if you interpret in between, this will worsen the scenario. And then, the conversation becomes argument.

Bottom Line

One can try all these ways to make your relationship stronger. Nevertheless, as I already said, the main ingredient is Love. Love your partner wholeheartedly and accept the flaws they have. If you start doing this, you will not break up or hate each other no matter whatever the circumstance or the issue is!

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Hair Care Tip of the Day!

To lessen the hair loss and for hair nourishment,
Take egg white in a bowl and pour some drops of lemon juice into it. Mix it well. Apply it on your scalp and let them set for half an hour. Now, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.
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Pre-Conception Health before planning pregnancy!

Pregnancy is one of the most precious blessings! As our lifestyle and the food habits changed a lot, people who are waiting for the appointment of fertility center increase holding various reasons and health conditions.

Do you want to add a cute little human as your family Member?
Then, ensure that your Pre-Conception health is in good condition to give birth to a healthy child. Yes! Couple health is the first and the most important factor for a safer pregnancy. Not only physical health but also mental health plays a significant role in producing good hormones during conception. If you are sad or depressed often, your body will start secreting more stress hormones than the good hormones. This will impact your pregnancy a lot and there is a risk of miscarriage.

Before we start with the things we need to know, one should understand that having trouble in getting pregnant is common for both men and women. It is not always about the women as our culture blames women for not getting pregnant. Both men and women should have proper health conditions added with happy mindset.
Here, we suggest some guidelines to follow before you are planning for pregnancy.

1. Folic Acid matters the most!

Once you and your partner are ready for being pregnant, try to consume food richer with multivitamins especially zinc and Folic acid. Folic acid is very important for the baby’s brain development and it can reduce the risk of neural tube defects and other birth complications.

Vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, spinach and Nuts include walnut which has Omega-3, badam and fruits such as oranges, other citrus fruits and country hen egg are foods which contain more folic acid. Also, you can take some raisins and pumpkin seeds daily to increase the zinc intake.

Women can take 0.4mg of folic acid daily prior 3 months to get pregnant either in the form of tablets or in the form of foods which we mentioned above

2. Limit Caffeine Consumption

Drinking coffee or other drinks with more caffeine content should be curbed. As caffeine stimulates miscarriage and lowers fertility, you can avoid taking coffee more than 200mg per day.

Moreover, caffeine also increase the blood pressure and heart rate. Also, it will not allow your body to absorb sufficient iron from foods you consume. This might lead to anaemia. Hence, it is not advisable to take more caffeine during the entire pregnancy.

In addition, a pregnant woman should stop drinking and smoking during pregnancy as these could cause troubles in your infant’s growth

3. Check medications

When you are planning for a healthy pregnancy, you should check certain medicines you are taking for a long time for other health problems. Some hormone balancing tablets and medicines related to mental health such as antidepressants can affect your pregnancy. If you are taking any of these type of medicines, consult your doctor and confirm whether it is okay to continue with the medications or not.

4. Address previous miscarriage

If you have experienced any miscarriage last time, first you have to take some time to heal yourself and try to solve the things which are gone wrong last time. In addition, you have to address this to your gynecologist to ensure that you can plan for another baby if the miscarriage happened in recent months. This is to avoid any other complications which could hurt you more as you are already emotional.


5. Contribution of Paternal factors

Sperm count or better quality sperm of biological father matters too. Good quality sperms can improve the chance of getting pregnant and minimize the risk of development complications in the infants.

Overweight, poorly controlled diabetes, heavy alcohol consumption, smoking and recreational drugs can affect the sperm count and its quality. Try to avoid these atleast 2 months before your conception because it might take upto 72 days for a sperm to develop and mature

6. Vaccination

If you need to take any vaccine at this stage, just get vaccinated before you plan your pregnancy. This is because if you don’t take vaccines at a regular interval, your infant may get infections from you during pregnancy. Also, if you take any vaccine, then wait for a month from that day to plan pregnancy. It would avoid any other risk factors and complications

Bottom Line

Apart from all these healthy guidelines, another most important aspect is to be happy and free from stress. This is the key ingredient which will help you to grow a happy baby in your womb. Have a healthy and a happy pregnancy!

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10 Tips to Lose Weight naturally

Weight gain has become a great issue for the past two decades. Every woman wants to have zero hip size and every man wants flat tummy.

Nowadays, you have more options to reduce pounds especially, some diet plans and workouts. However, one have to strictly stick with these dieting. If not, there might be a chance to gain more weight than before. This is because of craving for your favorite food. Compared to diets, physical exercises give better results but in a slow pace. Many of us don’t have that patience to attain the goal. And as a result, your BMI(Body Mass Index) will state that you are overweight or obese.

A girl with her weighing machine

Now, how to lose weight in your day to day life without much strain? Here, we suggest 10 tips to lose weight naturally.


1. Drink more Water

Water is the best and affordable choice for anyone who wants to lose weight. Sometimes, hunger and thirst can’t be differentiated. And we end up with eating, instead of drinking water.

Just drink more water as you can. The more water you drink, the more calories you burn. Also, if you drink water half an hour before your meals, then you can’t take more calories than your body needs while eating.

2. Study food labels

Whenever you purchase food products, just read the labels in it. It will help you to understand which is healthier. With this, you can avoid more calorie intake

3. Don’t break the Breakfast

Always ensure that you do not skip your breakfast. Instead, you can take some less calorie food. My advice is to take egg in your breakfast food. As egg makes you feel full, you won’t snack in between your breakfast and lunch.

4. Drink Coffee or Tea

Yes! If you are a coffee or tea addict, then you can opt for this idea. But ensure that, you do not drink coffee or tea with milk. Instead, take black coffee or green tea. Some good quality coffee improves your metabolic activities as it contains caffeine. This will help you to lose pounds.

Green Tea is one of the healthiest drink which many people prefer. As it comprises antioxidants and flavonoids, you may feel energetic throughout the day. Also, green tea boosts your metabolism. You can get some healthy green tea online

5. Eat whole grains or single food

Grains like wheat, millets, red rice and food such as egg, fish, greens, cheese are single ingredient food. These types of food include less carbohydrates and they are rich in fibre and other nutrition. If you eat these type of food as your regular meals, your body weight will be maintained.


6. Drink your food & chew your water

The best way to take less calories is to “drink your food and chew your water“. This famous saying by Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most important factor. Yes! Chew your food until it becomes liquid and do not gallop the water. Instead, you can drink it by taking sip by sip. This type of mindful eating will help you to eat not more than 20minutes as your jaw might feel painful. Also, it will let you focus only on food while eating and you will not eat more!

7. Be active

As we all know, we can’t lose weight if we sit in the same place for hours. You don’t need to do more workouts, but simple physical exercise like walking and being active helps. Do your chores on your own by not searching for others to do that.

8. Take more Vegetables and fruits

Always, people used to recommend this to reduce weight. But no vegetable or fruit reduce your muscle tissues. Instead, vegetables and fruits helps to detoxify your body from unwanted fats and other toxic substance. This stimulates your body to lose weight. Not only fruits can reduce your weight, but also they can make your skin healthier. The more fruits you eat, the more glowing skin you acquire.

9. Cut off added Sugars

Do not drink sugary soft drinks and fruit juices with added sugar. This will increase your body sugar(glucose, fructose and galactose) level more and results in weight gain. Also, do not encourage children to drink soft drinks or fruit juices as this will lead to obesity in younger ages. Instead, one can eat a whole fruit rather than drinking juices

10. Do intermittent Fasting

Fasting is one of the traditional ways to lose weight. Our ancestors follow this weekly once and this will help us to burn saturated fats and bad cholesterol from our body. If you do this routinely, this will automatically lead you to lose some pounds

11. Sleep deep

Sleeping is one of the best solutions for all the mess we hold. When it comes to digestion, deep sleep plays a major role in a human body. You don’t need to sleep for more hours. But taking good deep sleep for atleast 2 to 3 hours will make you feel relax and enthusiastic once you are awake.

Health Tip of the day!

To strengthen your bones, apply warm mustard oil to the entire body. After 30 minutes, wash it with besan flour. Try this twice a week.

For more weight loss tips, check some weight loss books online.

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