Starting solids for Baby Weaning!

Being a new mother who has started weaning for baby, I always think and research a lot about the food and its health benefits.

Often, many questions raise into my mind whether I am giving him protein enriched food which is very significant at this growing stage. Also, I doubted myself many a time whether I am giving him the best in everything either from my caring or from the food I feed him.

With these n number of questions, I came to a conclusion that no one is best in the world and the word “Best”cannot be measured by comparing one with other. Instead, it can be obtained by continuous practice and the consistency which we maintain in the long run. Hence, I will give “my best” to my child who is wholeheartedly trusting me blindly without any knowledge about my decisions. And that’s why I should give my time more to that munchkin who needs that pampering now.

To test myself, I am gonna post the recipes for babies who completed 6 months old and started solids. This will be helpful for me to try different recipes daily cautiously as I become a lazy goose sometimes. Also, I believe these recipes will be useful for new mommies like me who want to try some healthy yet different recipes for your little ones. Pour your likes and comments if you wanna support.

Hesitant to speak in English?

Are you a person who is hesitant to speak in English? If you want to improve your communication in English, then just start doing the following things as your daily routine and you will become a pro in English both in fluency and in the vocabularies you use.


Reading Books

Reading is the best habit one can have in lifetime, as reading not only improves your communication but will also make you a brainy one day. Unless you read more, you won’t get more knowledge on any field.

If you are not a person who likes reading, then do not jump into reading leader’s biographies in the first. This will worsen the scenario. Instead, just start with mystery novels or comic books in simple english. This can increase your reading practice. With the interesting twists they have, you will always want to finish the book.



Ensure that you are choosing a book not more than 100 pages in the beginning, this will help you to complete the book. Otherwise, we know what we used to do. (Just put the book in bookshelf as a decorative piece)

Listen more

Start watching english movies, TED talks, listen to audio books, and other Talk shows from today itself. Initially it will be boring for sure. But do not withdraw. If you feel very boring, just switch to fantasy or animated movies where you can see colorful scenes which might interest you. Also, try to speak in the similar accent of the movie you loved. This could help you learn English better with passion.

Speak more

Once I say speak, you people might think to whom we can speak during this lockdown. The first person who will listen to your speak is you. Yes! Start speaking by seeing your face in the mirror. This can help you to reduce your anxiety while speaking at a stage. Because you will get to know your body language and the way you speak.

Also, you can talk in many online clubs which are exclusively for speaking English. Download one of those apps and start speaking, no matter either it is wrong or right.

Use new words daily

If you have come across a new vocabulary or a phrase while watching or reading, just try to jot down those in a notepad and learn the meaning of it afterwards. Try to use that new word often while you are speaking. This will allow your brain not to forget that word. Also, you can easily speak relentlessly without searching for words.

Bottom Line

Nothing is impossible when you trust the process. So, start doing what you like from today itself and plan accordingly to reach your destination.

I suggest you the following books which can help beginners to learn English faster but in an interesting way.


5 Foods that boost Male Fertility

Hi Folks! In the last post we have discussed about foods that can increase female fertility and so now I am gonna share about some foods that support male fertility.

If you are a male who wants to become a parent, just ensure that your testosterone hormone is in adequate level.

From the olden days to till date, only women are asked many questions about why she is not getting pregnant. But the fact is many men who are working in factories, men who consume more alcohol, tobacco and drugs are mostly affected by infertility than women.


Unfortunately, our society blames only women unknowingly. And that’s why men’s infertility is a hidden factor always.

Now, I am gonna share some foods which you can take daily to increase your sperm count and mobility.

Dark Chocolate

One best food that increases sperm motility is dark chocolate. Try to pick the darker one. Darker the chocolate, better the results. Its rich source of amino acid L-arginine can increase the density of ejaculation. Also, the sperm count will be more. You need not worry about birth defects of your baby, if your partner announced good news


Once I say Garlic, many might relate it to Covid – 19, as garlic played a major role as a immune booster. On the other hand, garlic is the one simple food which can help in male fertility. Garlic contains Allicin, which could increase blood flow to your sex organs and this reduces infertile issues. As poor blood flow to your testes are the main causes for infertility, garlic can curb it.

Vitamin C

Citrus fruits are enriched with Vitamin C. Orange and lemon are well-known citrus fruits. Nutritionist recommend Vitamin C as it can help absorbing more iron to the body and also Vitamin C aids in brain development. If you take oranges regularly in your diet, it can improve the overall health of your sperm



Food supplements such as Pumpkin seeds, Oysters are rich sources of Zinc, which can even treat infertility. When your body has adequate quantity of zinc, then your semen volume will be more. Also, zinc has the potential to change sperm morphology of an infertile male


And here is the last but not the least component, Water! You might be wondering on seeing this. But water has the ability to change many things in our body. The more you drink water, the more your sperm can swim easier. If you do not drink enough water your body requires, this might increase the thickness of your sperm due to dehydration. This could affect your sperm motility.

Foods that Boost female Fertility!

Are you planning for pregnancy? Then, ensure that your uterus can produce fertile embryo. Your food habits and healthy lifestyle matter the most. In today’s generation, many infertility issues are due to the foods we take for our taste buds. Instead, take healthy foods which contain folic acids and other multivitamin which are good for your uterus.

As uterus is the one amazing organ which has the ability to create a new life to the world, you should take care of your uterus more. You need not buy some costly medicines. But make sure that you eat the following food which helps to boost your fertility daily. And here, we go…

Do you know?

A woman’s uterus can expand more than 100 times its size to grow an infant during pregnancy.

Egg Yolk

Many of you might know that egg yolks contain more calories. But if you have read one of my articles about egg, you will not ditch it into dust bin. Yolks can provide you omega-3 and vitamin-B. These components not only improve embryo’s health but also aids in nourishing its growth even after conception

Lentils & Beans

As we all know, Lentils and beans are rich in protein and fiber. This aids in faster ovulation. Many women have problems with getting their ovulation at the right cycle. And this becomes the reason behind not getting pregnant sooner. Try consume any pulse daily. My suggestion is to soak the lentils over night and consume it in the morning after cooking. This helps a lot.


Nuts & Dry fruits

Nuts such as Walnut, Badam and Dry fruits such as fig, dates, raisins can be consumed daily but in less quantity. Otherwise, the fats in those can make you obese and increase your cholesterol level


Foods that contain antioxidants helps a lot in improving your metabolism. Green tea, berries such as blueberries and strawberries, onion, tomato, pumpkin, pomegranate, citrus fruits such as lemon, oranges are rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants assist in developing healthy embryo. And this helps in lessening birth defects of infants.


Seeds such as pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds are rich in iron,calcium and zinc components. Consuming these seeds can give you more protein and iron to your body and this helps you to get rid of irregular menstrual cycles too.

Green leafy Vegetables

You might often heard that consuming green leafy vegetables are healthy. This is because these green leafy vegetables which are rich in fiber and iron can reduce anovulation. Anovulation is a case when ovulation doesn’t produce a healthy egg

Do you know?

Eating green leafy vegetables raise women’s libido which is the most important factor during conception

Vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cauliflower are rich in folate. One can consume these foods daily to improve iron levels in your body.



Yams and sweet potatoes contain healthy carbs and vitamin B6. Yams protect your cell against damage. And this helps in protecting healthy eggs. That’s why yams are called fertility-friendly foods

Bottom Line

Hope this article is helpful and do comment if you know any other food which boosts fertility. Also, foods to boost male fertility will soon be published. Follow the blog to get notified folks!

Hair Care Ideas which you won’t regret after Attempting

As today is Saturday, I’m gonna post some hair care ideas which you can try in this weekend.

With the routine life, we often forget even to apply oil to our hair. Many men working in industries and factories are mostly prone to hair fall problems. Also, women who are in their postpartum face similar hair fall issues. Some young professionals feel that their hairs are so frizzy and they can’t manage with it when they are in a meeting with their boss.

You might have emptied many shampoo bottles, conditioners, serums and other hair care products. If you didn’t get any better results with those, just try with the below ideas I’m gonna share and let me know whether it worked. As the tips doesn’t involve any chemicals, you won’t regret even if you don’t get the expected outcome. In simple, just try!

Egg and Lemon

Take one egg and remove the yolk part. Just pour the egg white in a bowl and mix some 6 to 7 drops of lemon juice. Whisk and mix it well. Now, apply the mixture on your scalp in your hair roots. Wait for half an hour for the mix to settle. Once it is done, have a good hair wash with any mild shampoo. Do this twice a week, and your hair will grow healthy with a glowing look. As egg white is full of protein, your hair will get ample amount of protein for growth.


Take handful of onion and grind this into a very fine paste. This paste is very helpful for those who are struggling with extreme hair loss. When you apply this daily before hair wash, you can see new hair growth and your hair will be robust and dense. As onion contains sulfur, this promotes the production of collagen which aids in healthy skin and hair. If you continuously try this idea at least twice a week for 3 to 4 months, you can see the better outcome

Olive oil

Applying olive oil instead of normal hair oil can give some good results. Take olive oil in your palm and apply it on the roots of your hair. Now, gently massage the oil on your entire scalp. Also, apply the oil in your hair tip to reduce your split ends. You can leave this olive oil mask for about 15 minutes and take shower with lukewarm water added with the shampoo you always use.

Things to Remember!

You need not apply olive oil daily. You can try this mask once a week or twice a month to have stronger hair.

Fenugreek Seeds

For years, fenugreek seeds are used for many health problems especially cooling our body. People who are working in industries mostly face hair fall problems because of their body heat. For these type of people, just soak the fenugreek seeds over night and grind the seeds in the morning and apply it on your head. Follow this step 30 minutes before you wash your hair.

Curry Leaves

Take a handful of curry leaves and heat with coconut oil. Wait for the oil to splutter and now you can turn off the fire. Ensure that you cool this oil and now use it on your hair and the scalp. You can use this oil daily or before your shower. As curry leaves contain beta-carotene and proteins, it can lessen hair loss and improves the growth. With its amino acids and antioxidants, your hair follicles will get strengthened.

Do you know?

Using curry leaves help in reducing dandruff as this can remove dead hair follicles which is one of the reasons behind dandruff issues.

Bottom Line

On the whole, just read the entire article and find which idea suits your requirement. If you already tried any of the ideas, let me know the outcome you got. In addition, do comment any other hair care tips which you have attempted in this pandemic.

A shampoo which I personally suggest. Click on the pic to get this