10 Tips to Lose Weight naturally

Weight gain has become a great issue for the past two decades. Every woman wants to have zero hip size and every man wants flat tummy.

Nowadays, you have more options to reduce pounds especially, some diet plans and workouts. However, one have to strictly stick with these dieting. If not, there might be a chance to gain more weight than before. This is because of craving for your favorite food. Compared to diets, physical exercises give better results but in a slow pace. Many of us don’t have that patience to attain the goal. And as a result, your BMI(Body Mass Index) will state that you are overweight or obese.

A girl with her weighing machine

Now, how to lose weight in your day to day life without much strain? Here, we suggest 10 tips to lose weight naturally.


1. Drink more Water

Water is the best and affordable choice for anyone who wants to lose weight. Sometimes, hunger and thirst can’t be differentiated. And we end up with eating, instead of drinking water.

Just drink more water as you can. The more water you drink, the more calories you burn. Also, if you drink water half an hour before your meals, then you can’t take more calories than your body needs while eating.

2. Study food labels

Whenever you purchase food products, just read the labels in it. It will help you to understand which is healthier. With this, you can avoid more calorie intake

3. Don’t break the Breakfast

Always ensure that you do not skip your breakfast. Instead, you can take some less calorie food. My advice is to take egg in your breakfast food. As egg makes you feel full, you won’t snack in between your breakfast and lunch.

4. Drink Coffee or Tea

Yes! If you are a coffee or tea addict, then you can opt for this idea. But ensure that, you do not drink coffee or tea with milk. Instead, take black coffee or green tea. Some good quality coffee improves your metabolic activities as it contains caffeine. This will help you to lose pounds.

Green Tea is one of the healthiest drink which many people prefer. As it comprises antioxidants and flavonoids, you may feel energetic throughout the day. Also, green tea boosts your metabolism. You can get some healthy green tea online

5. Eat whole grains or single food

Grains like wheat, millets, red rice and food such as egg, fish, greens, cheese are single ingredient food. These types of food include less carbohydrates and they are rich in fibre and other nutrition. If you eat these type of food as your regular meals, your body weight will be maintained.


6. Drink your food & chew your water

The best way to take less calories is to “drink your food and chew your water“. This famous saying by Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most important factor. Yes! Chew your food until it becomes liquid and do not gallop the water. Instead, you can drink it by taking sip by sip. This type of mindful eating will help you to eat not more than 20minutes as your jaw might feel painful. Also, it will let you focus only on food while eating and you will not eat more!

7. Be active

As we all know, we can’t lose weight if we sit in the same place for hours. You don’t need to do more workouts, but simple physical exercise like walking and being active helps. Do your chores on your own by not searching for others to do that.

8. Take more Vegetables and fruits

Always, people used to recommend this to reduce weight. But no vegetable or fruit reduce your muscle tissues. Instead, vegetables and fruits helps to detoxify your body from unwanted fats and other toxic substance. This stimulates your body to lose weight. Not only fruits can reduce your weight, but also they can make your skin healthier. The more fruits you eat, the more glowing skin you acquire.

9. Cut off added Sugars

Do not drink sugary soft drinks and fruit juices with added sugar. This will increase your body sugar(glucose, fructose and galactose) level more and results in weight gain. Also, do not encourage children to drink soft drinks or fruit juices as this will lead to obesity in younger ages. Instead, one can eat a whole fruit rather than drinking juices

10. Do intermittent Fasting

Fasting is one of the traditional ways to lose weight. Our ancestors follow this weekly once and this will help us to burn saturated fats and bad cholesterol from our body. If you do this routinely, this will automatically lead you to lose some pounds

11. Sleep deep

Sleeping is one of the best solutions for all the mess we hold. When it comes to digestion, deep sleep plays a major role in a human body. You don’t need to sleep for more hours. But taking good deep sleep for atleast 2 to 3 hours will make you feel relax and enthusiastic once you are awake.

Health Tip of the day!

To strengthen your bones, apply warm mustard oil to the entire body. After 30 minutes, wash it with besan flour. Try this twice a week.

For more weight loss tips, check some weight loss books online.

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